Rose McMurray is cared for at home – rather than in hospital

In spring 2014, Mrs McMurray, who lives in Collier Row, Romford, was having very bad breathing problems and was about to go to her local A&E at Queen’s.

Her husband remembered they had been given details of a new community treatment team and phoned them instead.

“He rang and the nurses came down within half an hour,” said Mrs McMurray.

“They tested me and found I had congestion in my left lung which was causing my breathing problems.

“The nurses were phoning the community doctor who advised them to get me an antibiotic.”

Her husband picked up the medicine and Mrs McMurray started to feel better. The community treatment team gave her a blood test and followed up her progress each day for four days afterwards. The team will follow up with a patient for as long as it takes for the health crisis to pass.

Mrs McMurray had got into difficulty with her breathing before and her only options were the local polyclinic or A&E.

“You’re taking a long while to get there and wait aren’t you?” she said of her previous experience.

This time a team of nurses came to her house quickly to offer help. She would definitely recommend the service to local people experiencing similar problems.

“They were efficient and they’re all very nice. I had different nurses and they were all very nice. They phoned the doctor and got advice from the doctor when they needed it.

“They sorted me out. They reassured me and I didn’t have to rush off to A&E or anything.”

You can contact the community treatment team on 020 3644 2799 8am-10pm, seven days a week.